An App Profile creates a Total Triage mobile app user and links it to an ubeRNote user profile. Each user who will users the mobile app must have an app profile.

  1. Click in the Create User window.

  2. A New Profile window will appear. Your client name will fill in automatically.
  3. In Profile Name, enter the user's name.

    TIP: To minimize confusion, we recommend that the Profile Name match the ubeRNurse user name exactly.

  4. Select a Profile Type.  See Profile Types and Definitions.
  5. Click Create Profile button to save the profile.

  6. A green success banner will appear. Close the New Profile window by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner.
  7. The new profile you just created will appear in the App Profiles field.

    TIP: An app profile can be unlinked from a user by clicking the "X" next to the App Profile name. 
    WARNING: Doing this will disable the mobile app for the user.

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