You can use the app on either or both of your phones. In order to do so, both phone numbers must be in our system. You can find this on your CXM user information or have one of your administrators look it up in your CXM user profile. The main number you use should be listed as your primary phone and the other should be listed as your alternate phone number. You will need to work with your administrator to make sure both phone numbers appear correctly on your user profile.

You can log into the app using your primary phone number on either phone, but you'll need the verification code from your primary phone if you haven't already verified and registered.

If you want phone calls to go to your alternate phone number, go into the app's menu (three horizontal bars) and tap Settings. Switch the Send Calls to Secondary Number toggle to On (green). 

IMPORTANT: The app can only be installed on smartphones, such as iPhones or Android phones.