The Care Team feature links Providers to the patients they care for. You can see which providers to contact at a glance when creating an activity, and you can assign Care Team providers here as well. You can also assign Providers to the patient's Care Team when viewing the patient's record. 

Follow the steps below to add or edit a patient's Care Team providers.

  1. Click on the Patients tab.
  2. Select the patient whose Care Team you want to modify.
  3. Scroll to Care Team, about halfway down the page in the right column.
  4. Click on the Add Care Team Member button. 
  5. Select the Member Type for the provider from the dropdown list.
  6. Select the Provider. A list of providers with the selected Member Type will display. You can also start typing a name to skip to the provider you want to select.
  7. Click on the Add button. 

Case Managers are listed first. Other Care Team members display in the order they are added. To remove a Care Team member, click on the red minus sign. 

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