Activity History displays for organizations and patients. Once you've selected an organization, you'll see the history of all activities for that organization with the most recent at the top of the list. Once you select a patient, the history changes to only show activities for the patient. 

The following information appears in Activity History, regardless of whether the history is for an organization or a patient. 

  • Date/Time ­— The date and time the call occurred.
  • Patient/CallCode — The patient's name and the call code selected for the activity.
  • CareXM Nurse — The nurse who took the call and logged the activity.
  • Status — The status of the activity.
  • Notes 
    • Caller Info — The caller's name, phone number, and relationship to the patient.
    • Notes — The notes for the activity.
    • Subsequent information displays follow-up notes, including the follow-up notes call code, the date and time the follow-up occurred, the nurse who performed the follow-up and logged the notes, and the follow-up note.