To access the Reporting Portal, go to 

You will use the same login information that you use to access CXM to log into the Reporting Portal. This means that if you change your CXM password, it will update in the Reporting Portal as well. 

Your CXM user must have the Client Admin role in order to log into the Reporting Portal. 

The Triage Call Codes report displays the call codes as entered by the CareXM nurses. It does not display the codes entered by the client nurses. The client nurse call code report can be found under the "Contact Code Summary" report.

The report can be filtered by year, quarter and month.

1. To run the Triage Call Codes report, click on the "Triage Call Codes" icon on the bottom row of the Reporting Portal landing page. 

2. The option to filter the year, quarter and date will be displayed in a pop up. Use the dropdown to select the desired time frame. Click the "Run Report" button:

3. The report will display as a bar graph and also have the data listed below the graph. The  blue bar indicates the client's data and the green bar displays all of the other CareXM clients data:

4. The report can be filtered further by using the drop down menu under Call code Type. This will filter the report down to the data just for the selected call code section:

5. The report can be downloaded as a CSV file or printed:

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