While we strive to make the Total Triage Mobile App as user friendly as possible, there are occasionally situations that lead to confusion. This article is intended to discuss some of the most common points of confusion and suggested troubleshooting steps.

Unable to Register - Only option is the Sign Up button

This scenario means that the app does not recognize your phone number as entered or there is no account associated with that phone number. Suggested troubleshooting steps are as follows:

-Ensure you are entering the phone number with numerical digits only. Dashes, spaces, parentheses, or any other special characters will cause the phone number not to be recognized.

-Reach out to someone within your organization with the Administrator role on our website https://cxm.carexm.com/. There are a few things an Administrator should check for:

  • That you have an account. If an account has not yet been created for you, you will be unable to register on the app. An administrator should be able to assist in setting up an account.
  • That the phone number listed in your account matches that which you are entering on the app. It is possible that a change in phone number or a typo during account creation is causing your phone number not to be recognized.
  • That you have permission to access to the app. These permissions are governed by the CXM Mobile License in each user's account on our website. Granting any level of a CXM Mobile License and saving the change should allow you to register on the app.
  • If none of the above conflicts are found, please reach out to support@carexm.com via email to submit a help ticket. We will be happy to help locate the conflict.

Secure Messaging won't allow a password reset

Before reading further, it would be best to acquaint yourself with the Secure Message login process. It is common for the Create New Password box to be mistaken for the Reset Password box. Once you have entered the verification code sent to you via email, you are clear to set your new password.

Oftentimes, many users will inadvertently enter the verification code again when setting the new password since the boxes share a similar appearance. The verification codes are intentionally generated in such a way that they do not meet the password requirements and cannot be saved as a new password by mistake. If you encounter the error "Uh... not secure enough" during the process, you have either entered a password that does not meet the security requirements or have unintentionally entered the verification code as your new password.

A new password must include the following character requirements:
-8 characters in length.

-One capital letter

-One lowercase letter

-One number

-One special character (ex: !,@,#,$,%,&, etc.)

Please ensure the password being entered meets all security requirements and is something that only you would know.

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