Each business day, your organization will need to run the "Client Activity Report" to view all the call activities that occurred during a specific time frame:

1.  Log into CXM

2. Using the top navigation bar, hover over the "Reports" icon and choose "General Client Report" from the dropdown list:

3.  Choose the correct office location from the drop down list and enter the time of the report, which is usually the time the office closed the day before until the time the office opened the next business day:

4.  The report will download as a PDF onto your computer. Open the PDF to view. 

**The report can also be filtered using the filter options on the right side of the screen. Options include filtering by patient, call code, case manager, service or area.

5. The report will list the number of call activities for that time frame and list the patients in alphabetical order.  If the patient note has a green "CM/OFFICE" flag next to it, then that call requires follow up from the office the next business day. 

*NOTE:  All patients and information in the above report are from the demo site and are made up.