To access Insights, go to 

You will use the same login information that you use to access CXM to log into Insights. This means that if you change your CXM password, it will update in Insights as well. 

Your CXM user must have the Analytics toggle turned ON in order to log into Insights.

Once logged in, you will be on the landing page and can choose from the different reports by hovering over the category in the left side bar.  The category for "Billing KPIs" displays data about the billing for your organization:

Choose "Product Licenses by Organization" in the Billing KPIs drop down option:

This report represents the number of "Active Distinct Users" and the number of days a given license was assigned to a given user. It displays the count of users assigned to a license and how often those users are logging in and using that license.


The report can be filtered by date.  The default is set to "Previous Month":

This filter allows the user to choose a relative date.  Choose time frame of Years, Quarters, months, Weeks, or Days and within the tab to choose ‘Previous Month’, ‘This Month’, ‘Next Month’, ‘Last X months’, ‘Next X Months’, or Month to Date.

This report can be filtered by Name:

The report defaults to "All". Click or unclick on the user name to add them or remove them from the report:

Report Fields:

The top visualization displays shows total counts of users in the visible columns and is designed to give an at-a-glance breakout of licenses for an organization in the selected time period. 

The bottom visualization displays the individual users for the selection in the top visualization.  The columns show the Count Of Days each user had the respective license enabled.


  • Active User – Users who had an account that was not flagged as Archived in the selected time period 
  • Distinct User – Unique users with different User IDs 
  • # Days Active – the number of Days within the selected time period that a user account existed and was not archived. 
  • # Days Logged In – the number of days within the selected time period that a user accessed CXM Web.  Note: This does NOT include users accessing CXM Mobile. 
  • PRN – ‘pro re nata’ meaning as often as necessary.   

The report can be downloaded, select "Download" in the lower right hand corner of the screen

Choose your file format:

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*Report note: Logging for this report began on Aug 14, 2022, not data can be displayed prior to that date.